Recipe of the Month

Delicious and Healthy Cold Porridge

Use Whole Organic Oats: Put in a container and cover the oats with water. Add a dollop of good quality yogurt (such as stonyfield, chobani, seven stars, etc). If desired, add raw nuts of your choice, chia seeds and/or hemp seeds.

Cover and put in the fridge. Soak until the oats are soft. Overnight is usually sufficient.

Scoop out the desired amount to consume the next morning. At this point, feel free to add fruit and top with more yogurt. Some other suggestions to add: dates, prunes, banana, vanilla bean, peaches, blueberries or other berries, etc.


A few things to note: When soaking large quantities of oats and nuts/seeds (like buckwheat)  it could take longer than overnight to get them to the correct consistency, so allow the extra time for that.

Another option would be to make multiple, smaller batches in individual containers that you can “grab and go” each day.

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