This is what some of our patients are saying:

“I was constantly tired and very unfocused. It was hard for me to be excited or happy as it was exhausting. I was also prone to moodiness. I feel like myself again. I am happy again and do not constantly want to sleep. I am more focused at work as well. ”

This Patient battled Lyme’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, with constant migraines and confusion. After months of continuing healing, she did the 21-Day Purification program. “A few days after I finished the cleanse, I went to see Marisa. And I was in complete shock when she told me that she could not detect the Lyme Bacteria in my spine at all anymore. It was a miracle! I walked out of her office dumbfounded and yet bursting with joy and praise to God. He had done it! He healed my body! I am so very thankful that he lead me back to Dr. Marisa and that He lead me to really, fully follow Dr. Marisa’s advice and do the purification program. And I am so very happy to report I feel amazing!”

“Before I came in, I was in a constant state of fatigue. I would wake up and feel bloated first thing in the morning. Feeling so tired also affected my mood. I was irritable and sluggish with my thinking. Now, I am a different person! I wake up refreshed, I have energy, I am no longer reaching for coffee to get through the day. Having more energy helps me make better choices with my diet. I no longer have that bloated feeling. The brain fog is gone, I enjoy playing with my kids. I am a better person! Thank you Dr. Marisa! You changed my life!”

” I had high cholesterol way over the normal range. Now that I have been coming to Dr. Marisa’s my cholesterol has lowered and is in the normal range.”

“I used to be sick once a month with stomach troubles and throwing up. Since I started seeing Dr. Marisa, I am doing good. I haven’t thrown up  and I am really happy!”

“My current medications seemed to be decreasing my energy level, moods and bodily functions. But since Dr. Marisa I have more energy, enthusiasm, and my body is functioning better!”

“Before coming to Dr. Marisa my family doctor found nothing. I had a lot of pain in my stomach and under my ribs. I had bad eating habits and my digestive system was not good! After changing my eating habits and working with Dr. Marisa I have more energy and no more pain! I’ve even lost weight!”

“In the end of 2008 I began having daily diarrhea. After taking numerous blood tests I found out I had severe allergic reactions to certain foods. I followed my doctors orders and took his prescribed medications and saw some relief. In the Fall 2009 I began with Dr. Marisa and changed my eating habits and began the supplements. I now have normal bowels most of the time and do not feel the irritation which I had.”

“Before Dr. Marisa I felt weak, tired, and had an upset stomach. Now that I’ve worked with her and changing my diet and taking supplements I have a lot more energy, I’m sleeping well, my digestive system feels more on target and I no longer feel any indigestion.”

“I had stomach aches, I was on acid reflux medication but still having heartburn, I had a poor appetite, frequent headaches, frequent urination, and spent too much time in the bathroom. Since Dr. Marisa I have no symptoms of acid reflux, no more stomach aches, I have an appetite, and spend a normal amount of time in the bathroom! I am very pleased with my results!”

“My son had headaches almost constantly. He was lethargic and couldn’t keep up with normal everyday activities of school and sports. He was exhausted constantly. Dr. Marisa helped us discover my son had a wheat and brown rice allergy causing all these problems. My son is back to full health. He rarely gets headaches or stomachaches and is healed from his allergies. His energy is back and he is feeling great. Thank you Dr. Marisa!”

“After having my twins my anemia and thyroid were out of control! I was run down. I was experiencing intense mood swings from the medication I was taking. When I started with Dr. Marisa I stopped taking my medications. My moods were way better! I even took blood work and confirmed that I am not showing any signs of anemia. My experience has been wonderful!”

“I had developed a bladder infection and was not able to sleep very well. Since coming to Dr. Marisa’s the bladder infection is gone and I am now able to sleep very well! Because of this I have much more energy and feel much much better! Thank you for your help!”